Mathias Uta (PhD student)

Mathias Uta studied Energy Engineering and Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, and graduated in 2017 as Master of Science. The studies have been done sidelined with his professional career at Siemens AG (2011-2020) and later Siemens Energy AG (2020-now). His responsibility was the development of a product configurator for high-voltage switchgears, which is also reflected in his master’s thesis “Development of a product configurator for highly modular and modifiable products”. Further research in this area has been followed within the currently conducted Ph.D. thesis as part of the Applied Software Engineering and AI research group (TU Graz) that focuses on AI-based improvements of product configurators. In his professional career, he acts meanwhile as a main driver for knowledge graph-based data integration platforms within Siemens Energy.